The Woman behind the Blog

Hi There, I’m Chantelle.

I am a 25 year old Born-again Christian, who was born and raised in Mariental, a small town in the southern part of Namibia. I love to read, worship, paint, and spend most of my time outdoors.

I am a sinner saved by the amazing grace, perfect love, and power of the blood of Jesus Christ. This is my only hope and plea. This is my soul’s worth. This is who I am. This is my identity.

I created the Christians Post to inspire and bring together God’s people, to help build their faith. It can be so hard in today’s world as a born again christian, but remember that our citizenship is in heaven and not on earth. I hope that you can be inspired and encouraged through every piece that I write. I hope this can be a place for fellow believers and non-believers to share, encourage, and feel welcome. Our mission in life is to share the word of God, so everyone can know Jesus, so let’s do it together.

I have a deep passion and yearning to know God more intimately. Now that I know God, I do not think I would ever want to go a day without having communion with the Holy Spirit, read the word of God and pray.

Welcome to the family! Grab a cup of coffee, read the blog, and lets become friends.